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Adam Lambert is better than Brendan Urie. Adam's voice is better and he's gay so that makes him better in general
Im sorry to burst your bubble, but Brendon Urie is farrrr superior to anyone you may think is better than him. So get your priorities strait and listen so some P!ATD or leave with your talk of this Adam Lambert. Thanks :)
To begin, Adam Lambert is no where near able to be compared to Brendon Urie. Looks, Music, everything! Brendon Urie looks better, sings better, heck he is all around better. Adam Lambert is a peasent compared to him. So get your facts straight and realize your mistakes. Because DING DONG YOUR OPINION IS WRONG!
Why don't you guys start a new post with that discussion? As replies to my post, other users are less likely to discover it and weigh in.
does anyone know the actual time king of the clouds comes out? I know its today but still.
I have no idea about the exact time, I know as much as you on the subject and that is that it's supposed to be today. If I hope it's soon though, because the sample sounds awesome.
Brendon Urie's vocals are phonemic on his new album. He explores the depths of low and high. It is quite beautiful just as he is.
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