Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross

Birth Name:

George Ryan Ross III


August 30, 1986 (age 30)


Guitar, vocals, accordion, banjo, harmonica, mandolin

Years active

2004–2009 why just five years, daddy?

Associated acts (Brendons ass) (milk)

The Young Veins, Panic! at the Disco

George Ryan Ross III, better known as just Ryan Ross, (or milk boi), is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter most known for his work as the lead guitarist, backup vocalist, and main songwriter for the band Panic! At The Disco. He and Jon Walker, the bassist of the band, left after the second album, Pretty. Odd. They went on to form The Young Veins, in which Ross was the lead singer. However, in 2011, a year or so on from when the band was first formed, ((they split up)). Fans speculate this was due to the members not making enough profit to participate in the band as a full time "job". Daddy has released several solo tracks, but it is "unclear what he is currently working on musicall"y. Brendon Urie recently confirmed in an interview that he thinks Master Ross is "working" on some sort of musical project although he is "unsure what specifically" (its👏been👏three👏years) . Ross has been credited as a composer for a track on Vices & Virtues, Panic! At The Disco's 2011 album. Ryan Ross has been successfully producing Cheese Whiz since 1986. 👏🏾

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